Assigned Sept 3rd Due Sept 6th:

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Assigned Sept 9th Due Sept 13th
Donors Choose Permission Slip Signed
Scientific Method Reading and Questions
Scientific Method Fill in Blanks

Assigned Sept 16th Due Sept 20th

Assigned Sept 23rd Due Sept 28th

Video to go with Hypothesis Homework

Assigned Sept 30 Due Oct 4

Assigned Oct 7 Due Oct 11

Assigned Oct 21 due Oct 25
9th grade Reading: Newton Reading
Questions: Newton Questions
If you can't get the question sheet above to come up go to the reading sheet and scroll down and click on "worksheet."

Assigned Oct 28 Due Nov 1

Assigned Nov 4 Due Nov 8
Acceleration Practice Problems

Assigned Nov 11 Due Nov 15
Acceleration worksheet

Assigned Dec 2nd Due Dec 6
What causes Earthquakes reading and questions

Assigned Dec 9 Due Dec 13
California Quakes Study and Questions

Assigned Dec 16 due Dec 20
Seismograph HW

Assigned December 18 Due January 7
Plate Tectonics Test Choose Plate Tectonics Test from the menu
The access code is PLATES You will need the caps
Please note that these tests will randomize questions and answers making it almost impossible to cheat but you can take it as many times as you want and I will take the highest score. It is 50 questions mostly True and false and you need to do it all in one sitting.

Assigned Jan 6 Due Jan 10
Momentum Problems

Assigned Jan 27 Due Jan 31

Assigned Feb 3 Due Feb 7

Assigned Feb 10 Due Feb 14
Wedge reading
MA Problems

Assigned Feb 22 Due Feb 28
Friction Reading and Questions HW

Assigned Mar 3 Due Mar 7
Golden Gate Bridge Reading

Assigned Mar 24 - Mar 28
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Ben Franklin Reading and Questions
Timeline of Ben Franklins Life

Assigned Mar 31 - Due April 4
Question on Edmodo

Assigned Mar 31 - Due April 11

Assigned April 7 - Due April 11
New question on Edmodo - New group code if you haven't joined r34mun

Assigned April 14 - Due April 17
New Edmodo Question

Assigned April 14th - Due April 29
Edmodo Quiz and Poll

Assigned April 28 - Due May 2
Edmodo Question

Electricity Crossword

Assigned May 5 - Due May 9

Assigned May 12 Due May 16th

Til end of year
Complete Lab Report

Extra Credit Due Friday June 13

Possible Future Assignments

Sponge Bob Scientific Method Homework
Scientific Method Reading

Bridge Reading**