About Ms. Murray

Ms. Murray is a true renaissance woman - Artist, scientist, scholar,
photographer, and teacher. As a teen Ms. Murray fell in love with and excelled at both the arts and sciences. She participated, by showing her paintings, in her first professional art fair at the age of 17. Drawn to both art and science, she chose science as her path of study, reasoning that she could always do art as a hobby along with science but not the other way around. This led to Ms. Murray attaining both a B.S. and an M.S. in physics. During the time she was in college Ms. Murray found another passion, teaching.

After completing graduate school, Ms. Murray moved to the Midwest where she worked as a senior scientist in medical diagnostics with a major
international company. During that time she was named on three U.S.
Patents. Two for organic compounds used in chemical sensors and another for a unique commercially mass-producible biosensor. At the same time Ms. Murray worked with the National Science Foundation and local schools and became one of the pioneers of the "hands on science" movement in elementary science education. She also taught physical sciences at the local technical college. It was during this time that Ms. Murray discovered and fell in love with sculpture, in particular stone carving.

A move to Southern Indiana landed Ms. Murray in commuting distance to
Louisville, where she started a sculpture apprenticeship with Bob Lockhart,
a world famous sculptor. During her time in Southern Indiana, Ms. Murray worked at Indiana University Purdue University Columbus as Adjunct
Faculty in Physics and Math, as well as, an administrator in Faculty
Development, and early developer and leader of the Learning Communities
department. Her sculpture became well known in the Midwest during this time and was exhibited at shows in the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Lafayette Museum of Art and two solo shows at the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts.

A move to Southern Ohio and a consulting position with a major
Pharmaceutical firm, followed by the birth of her two children and a cross
country move saw Ms. Murray take a several year sabbatical from professional activities. Ms. Murray is a compulsive creator who is happiest when she is generating ideas and actualizing them or is involved with the arts. Besides the visual arts Ms. Murray has a life long passion for dance. After her children were old enough to be in school Ms. Murray started teaching high school science in Rhode Island. She taught Chemistry at Newport Rogers High School, Physics at Central High School
In Providence and is very excited to be part of the Transformation at Central Falls High School by teaching physics there.

Ms. Murray is currently expanding her education in teaching by working on a Master's in TESL at Rhode Island College, which will be completed in 2015, and starting work on her PhD in Education.

You can see some of Ms. Murray's artwork here:

Ms. Murray's Art Website

When she is not teaching physics Ms. Murray likes to spend time with her children; playing, running, dancing, reading, skateboarding and snowboarding.
Ms. Murray's kids, Athena and Alexander.