Ms. Murray's Physics Class Rules, Procedures and Consequences


  • We will all treat each other and everything in the classroom with respect.

  • Only one voice will be heard at a time.

  • During class time, we will be engaged in learning from bell to bell.

  • Come to class prepared to learn.

  • Personal electronic devices will not be seen or heard in class.

Class Procedures

1. When Entering the Classroom - Enter quietly. Pick up anything you need for class. Be seated quietly. Place your homework in the homework box.
2. When the Bell Rings - Copy the date and the days objective into your spiral notebook and do the DO NOW.
3. When the Teacher Wants Your Attention - The teacher will raise her hand, ask for your eyes to be on her and/or clap a pattern. Look at the teacher. Be quiet and listen!
4. When You Need Help - Raise your hand without talking.
5. When You Need to Sharpen Your Pencil - Raise your hand and ask if this is a good time to sharpen your pencil. You may quietly get out of your seat and sharpen your pencil if this is during a work period.
6. When Turning in Papers – When working in groups one person in the groups will collect the papers and the teacher will collect them from that person. When the desks are in rows pass them to the aisle where the teacher will collect them. Sometimes you may be asked to place them under the table baskets.
7. When Working in Small Groups - Everyone faces the group's center. Use “10 inch voices,” please! Talk only to your group. Stay on task!
8. When Working in Pairs - Begin on Teacher’s Signal. Stay with your partner. Stay on task! Talk only with your partner with “10 inch voices,” please!
9. When Using Whiteboards – Only write what you are supposed to on the whiteboards. Do not doodle on them. Wipe them off clean before you turn them in.
10. When You are Absent - Check the class wiki for handouts missed. Some labs will need to be made up before/after school.
11. When Lining Up for Points - Put your name on your paper(s) before you line up. Line up single
file. Sit down immediately after your points are recorded. Use “10 inch voices,” please! When teacher uses her iPad you can stay seated as she will come to you. In this case you can continue to do your work while she is coming to everyone.
12. Returned papers and Classwork - Should be punched with holes and put in your notebook.
13. When You Have Finished Your Class Work Early – Work on your vocabulary words, read the current section in your textbook or start on your homework.
14. When You Have a Work Period - Talk only with your Table Partners. (Don’t turn around!) Stay on
task. (Don’t pack up early!) You may quietly get up to sharpen your pencil. Raise your hand for help
from the Teacher.
15. When You are Taking a Test or Quiz- Everything off desk except paper, pencil and calculator. Eyes on your paper. No talking is permitted. (Even to borrow something. Ask the teacher!) Raise your hand and wait for teacher to ask questions. When you are finished turn your paper over, raise your hand and wait quietly. Tests may be turned in when you are finished. Cheaters get zeros!
16. When the End-of-Period Bell Rings - The teacher dismisses class, NOT the bell! Make sure your desk is clean and all materials used are put away. Quietly remain seated when bell rings. When teacher dismisses the class, stand, push in chair, and quietly exit the classroom. Put the Exit Ticket in the box near the door,
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Disruptive Behavior
You will receive a verbal warning for disruptive behavior.
A second incident will require a note to parents to be returned signed.
A third incident will result in a call to parents and an after school detention. After school detentions may have service projects associated with them.
Habitual disruptions will result in referral to the Dean of students/Restoration room.

Cell Phone Use
Any cell phone in use in class will result in the cell phone being held by the teacher to be picked up after school.

Anyone caught cheating or letting someone cheat off them will be given a zero and an after school detention.